Payment & Insurance


  1. The first appointment will allow us to get acquainted. We will examine your child, take required x-rays and provide routine preventive services where indicated. Occasionally, emergency treatment may also be necessary. This appointment allows us to discuss any problems and come up with treatment that is acceptable for you, your child, and their dental health.
  2. Please be relaxed and easy-going about dental visits. Arrive on time and allow your child time to adjust to the office and be entertained in our play area.
  3. We do our best to respect your appointment time, but occasional dental emergencies can result in our running behind schedule. We ask your understanding in such circumstances.
  4. We must charge for appointments broken or cancelled without 24 hour notice unless illness intervenes. It is your responsibility to remember your appointment. Please be considerate.


Payment for dental services is due when rendered. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Interac. For those who have received an insurance pre-estimate for dental care, we will accept a 14 day post-dated cheque if personalized and presented with two forms of identification, including a major credit card. Your insurance company will reimburse you directly within this time and your cheque will clear. If your cheque might not clear by this date, PLEASE NOTIFY OUR OFFICE. You will be liable for a ten dollar fee if your cheque does not clear (eg NSF) and an interest charge on your overdue account of 2% per month from the day the service was rendered! Nonpayment of any account, including NSF cheques, will result in immediate cancellation of all future appointments and affect your credit record. You may wish to discuss alternate arrangements for payment of fees with our office staff.


We are happy to help you in claiming eligible dental benefits from your carrier but please note:

  1. Become aware of what is covered before treatment begins. We can assist with completing a pre - estimate form. Not all procedures may be covered and limits or deductibles may be in effect.
  2. Unless you are eligible for Social Assistance, you alone are responsible for your account and are then reimbursed by your insurance carrier according to your plan coverage.
  3. There may be a modest difference between our current fees and those reimbursed by your insurance. Consult your employer or benefits book and discuss any concerns with our office staff.
  4. Some of our fees reflect those in the specialty fee guide and are higher than those of the current ODA General Practitioners fee guide.